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a short persuasive writing masterclass

Weekly Deliberate Deconstruction Issue

Breaking down top performing frameworks, strategies, and growth hacks from myself and other top creators.

Elements act as your persuasive writing guide.

Without them, you write aimlessly.

Or accidentally write what your reader doesn’t care about.

To avoid writing irrelevant content use the following elements:

❖ Problem
❖ Big ideas
❖ Dream Outcomes
❖ Process (How to’s)
❖ Concepts / Analogies

If you’re a beginner, here’s an example to get you started:

1) Problem

Call out a problem or specific pain point with your first sentence.

It must be relatable, relevant, and have strong emotional pull.

Use the same language as your target audience when writing it.

Problem element examples:

❖ “My content never goes viral.”
❖ Wasting time posting into the void?
❖ If you’re struggling to build a personal brand

2) Dream Outcome

Call out what your audience desires to achieve (must be specific).

This is your audience’s goal.

Combine with the problem element to define the start and end of their hero’s journey.

Dream outcome examples:

❖ Consistently go viral
❖ Get 10,000 impressions per piece of content
❖ Build a top 1% profitable personal brand

3) Process

Bridge the gap between your audience’s problems and dream outcomes.

Help them achieve it fast, guarantee results, and make them certain your strategy will work.

Every post is a mini offer disguised as content.

Process element examples:

❖ How to make every post you write go viral:
❖ The non-needy networking strategy that guarantees LinkedIn impressions:
❖ My 5 step personal branding guide (bookmark this):

And there you have it.

For a full video breakdown, smash this link.

Until next time,

Taylin John Simmonds

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Be a capitalist with your business.
Be a socialist with your friends.
Be a community with your family.

Naval Ravikant (Referencing Nassim Taleb)

Taylin John Simmonds

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