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A sneaky but legal way to get your first 10,000 followers

If you re under 10 000 followers read this

A sneaky but legal way to get your first 10,000 followers

Escaping the Void

When you’re a small creator no one sees your content.

You could create the most top tier content that makes Dakota Robertson wet his pants.

But if no one sees it you don’t attract followers, influence, or dollars.

Don’t worry though.

All hope isn’t lost.

There’s 2 ways to smash this problem to pieces:

❖ Emotionally charged commenting
❖ Stealing your competitors audience

Let’s break each down…

Emotionally Charged Commenting

What’s the best way to get your first 1,000 followers?

Leaving comments on big accounts within your niche.

Create a list on X.

Or a bookmarks folder if you’re on LinkedIn.

Add all the big accounts you:

❖ Look up to
❖ Aspire to be like
❖ Want to ‘steal’ their audience from

Every morning take 15 minutes to leave comments on their post.

But make sure you leave the ‘right comments.’

Strategic Commenting

A strategic comment has 2 goals:

❖ Attract followers
❖ Increase your chance of connecting with big accounts

To do this were going to borrow an OG Tony Robbins tip:
↳ Emotion leads to motion

Your comment must evoke an emotional reaction.

One that makes potential followers curious enough to check out your profile.

Noob comments:

❖ “I agree”
❖ Reword the post
❖ Makes the original creator look bad

Strategic comments:

❖ Add to the conversation
❖ Feel like you’re writing to a friend
❖ Share a personal story related to the post

Bad comments:

God tier comments:

Add to the conversation ⇣

Feel like you’re writing to a friend ⇣

Share a personal story related to the post ⇣

Expand your Nuclear Network

Connect with up and coming creators both:

❖ Around your follower size
❖ 1 or 2 steps ahead of you

Create an X list or bookmarks folder with all of them.

Each morning, spend 15 minutes commenting on their posts.

But don’t stop there.

Also send personalized DMs to 5 of them a day.

Make sure to do this in a non needy way.

Noob DMs:

❖ Don’t act like a super fan
❖ Don’t pitch or try to sell them
❖ Don’t send boring messages like “I love your content”

Strategic DMs:

❖ Do share how a tip inspired you
❖ Do share a genuine compliment (not superficial)
❖ Do share a personal story related to a post their wrote

Pro tip – Start an engagement group

Rally 10-25 creators around your size into a Telegram group.

Leave likes, comments, and occasionally retweet each others posts.

This will boost you in the algo and increase your reach.

Bad DMs:

God tier DMs:

Steal Their Audience (Legally)

Next, let’s turn our attention to your content.

❖ Increase reach
❖ Optimize for follower conversion

Trigger warning, some people despise this strategy.

But the hard truth is, it works – most top creators did this when they started out.

It’s no different than Walmart sending flyer with the potential to bring customers in to buy frozen pizzas.

You’re not buying following, you’re buying impressions (reach).

If you can get your impressions past 20,000 per long form post, you have a better chance of growing.

How to steal your competitors audience (legally):

  1. Connect with big accounts that have the audience you want.
  2. Dm them: “Hey [name], I have a business opportunity to talk to you about. Any chance you have telegram?”
  3. On telegram, ask them if they charge for retweets or comments
  4. Get their prices for 8, 12, and 30 shares/ comments
  5. Buy via PayPal or Stripe
  6. Send them your posts on telegram when they go live but remove the tracking code (everything after the ‘?’ in the url)

The more you buy at a time the cheaper they will be.

I’ve grown clients accounts to 50,000+ followers with this strategy.

*Important note – This is against X and LinkedIn’s terms of service.

So you never want to ask people to buy shares in DMs

That’s a sure fire way to get banned.

And piss off big creators.

Pro tip – Don’t let these accounts convince you to buy shares for ALL your posts.

Tweets and short form posts have a god awful conversion to followers.

Yes, you get more impressions.

But it’s a waste of money.

Pay for shares on long form posts only.

The Content Strategy for Getting Your First 10,000 Followers

What content gets you the most followers?

Well, there’s 3 types…

All 3 attract followers because they evoke emotion.

They lead to ‘profile visits.’
↳ The metric you need to be tracking

Each week, review your posts and see which one got the most profile visits.

On X, click the impressions button on any post:

On LinkedIn:

Resources → Creator Mode → Profile Viewers

Look for which days got the most profile visits.

Whatever you posted that day was on the money.

The 3 posts proven to attract lots of followers:

❖ Desirable social proof
❖ Curated long form making other creators look good
❖ Inspiring transformation stories (with before and after pictures)

if you want to grow fast, these will be your bread and butter.

Desirable social proof example ⇣

Curated long form example ⇣

Inspiring transformation story example ⇣

Pro tip – Long form content on X and carousels on LinkedIn attract the most followers.

Post 4-7 per week to exponentially increase your growth curve.

NPC : IAP Follower Ratio

A final point 99% of creators don’t think about.

You likely want to attract your core audience (ideal audience profile).

↳ Writers = big copywriter accounts
↳ Fitness trainers = overweight clients
↳ Founders = High network professionals

But content that attracts them is usually too niche to grow fast (it attracts a smaller group of people).

So look at it this way:

A crowd attracts a crowd.

10,000 followers = social proof

Social proof increases your profile visit to follower ratio.

It sucks that vanity metrics like followers attract followers but it’s true.

Big accounts often won’t follow you until you have 10,000+ followers.

Once I crossed that mark I got followed by Dan Koe, Dan Go, Kieran Drew, and many more big accounts.

Don’t be afraid to cast a wide net to grow fast – broad content.

As you grow, you can niche down with ease to attract your ideal customers.

NPC followers lead to attracting IAP followers (ideal audience profile)

Additional Pro Tips (use this to speed up the process):

❖ Speak on X spaces
❖ Optimize your profile to increase your follower conversion
❖ Add a clear picture of your face to your posts to increase follower conversion
❖ Video content with captivating hooks converts well to followers (under 1 min in length)

And there you have it.

Be consistent and follow this guide to get your first 10,000 followers.

It won’t happen overnight.

But after doing this for 23+ accounts over the past 2 years, I promise you it works.

Be patient.

Hit me up if you have any questions.


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