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choose a day to rest or your body will choose it for you

I got my first taste of entrepreneurial success, at the age of 28. And man, did it screw me up…

The Simmonds Signal

Modern monetization strategies school can’t teach you.

Magnetic writing → Micro brand → micro business

After years of failed businesses –

❖ Podcast
❖ Affiliate marketing
❖ Real estate company

I got my first taste of entrepreneurial success, at the age of 28.

And man, did it screw me up…

… With Dakota Robertson’s help, I scaled my ghostwriting agency to $10,000 per month.

(Within 30 days of starting it).

A wildly stark contrast to the $2,200 monthly salary I was making as a college teacher.

As the money hit my bank account, my limiting beliefs shattered.

And for once, in my previously mediocre life, I felt it.

⇢ The feeling I’d been chasing for 10 years
⇢ The feeling that had always felt out of reach
⇢ The feeling that lit a fire in me so big, it would never be contained again

The feeling of being capable of achieving one’s own dream.

I now had evidence it was possible, not only for my hero’s, but for me.

It might have taken me 10 years to get it.

But in my mind, that just made the story better and the success sweeter.

A new chapter in my life had begun.

One that would be both the wildest ride of my life…

… And the darkest.

Over the next 6 months, I:

❖ Brought my best friend on as co-founder
❖ Scaled the agency to $40,000 per month
❖ Travelling Latin America with my best friends

From the outside, my life appeared like a fever dream.
But from the inside, only I could see the truth.

The healthy belief in myself, had twisted into a corrupted shell of what it once was.

Believing I could, became, believing I had too.

Had to:

❖ Scale bigger
❖ Work longer
❖ Work harder
❖ Do more
❖ Sacrifice more

But the truth is, the only thing I was sacrificing was the most valuable thing I had.

It’s also the most valuable thing you have.

(Even if you haven’t realized it yet).

That thing.
That golden jewel…

… Isn’t money, status, power, fame, or freedom.

It’s health.

The one thing that should never be sacrificed, compromised, or neglected.

My bank account, growing; My health, suffocating.

❖ My back ached
❖ My mind felt heavy
❖ My eyes laid on black bags

The fire within me was burning.
But the energy within me was nowhere to be found.

And somehow I found it in me to keep pushing.

To keep working.

Because of the corrupted belief that underpinned my actions:

That I had to do more.

And if I became stronger, and more capable, the pain would go away.

But that isn’t how this story ends…

… It ends with my mind looking forward while my body pulled me backwards.

Forcing me to retreat and focus on my health.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.

Saying no to more.
Saying yes to less.

This letter is a message urging you to reflect.

To ask yourself:

Do I need to do the same?

If the answer is no, keep pushing.
Crush it my friend.

If it’s yes, drop the weights.

Health → Wealth → Happiness
In that order.

We’d be wise to never forget it.

Choose a day to rest or your body will choose it for you.

-Taylin John Simmonds

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Taylin Simmonds
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Retired educator turned creator and consultant, I took my ghostwriting agency to $500K/year. Now I guide other creators toward achieving similar results.

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