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Dan Koe’s Secret Viral Content Framework

Behind the scenes tip from a $10 000 mastermind meeting

Dan Koe’s Secret Viral Content Framework

A month back, I asked Dan Koe if he had any viral tweet writing secrets.

Hell, the guy goes viral almost ever day without paying for reach.

So he must know something that all the other creators don’t.

After some deliberation, he dropped an absolute bomb on me.

Shifting my perspective with a simple but profound viral framework.

I’ve since used it to write most of my content.

My tweets engagement is up over 7x.

And I’m growing at well over a 100 newsletter subs a week (from funnelling traffic to my newsletter).

I even wrote my most viral thread ever using his framework.

Want to give the framework a try for yourself?

Here’s a video breakdown of it in action.

Until next time,

Taylin John Simmonds

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Taylin Simmonds
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Retired educator turned creator and consultant, I took my ghostwriting agency to $500K/year. Now I guide other creators toward achieving similar results.

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