Personal Brand is the New Resume

Build an Audience of Loyal Fans and Monetize your Obsessions with your Digital Identity

(Even if you’re starting from zero)

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I’m working with 50 people and giving them everything they need to grow online.

Dan Koe


It’s obvious Taylin knows what he’s doing. 7 years of college teaching reflects in how he teaches what he’s learned (that isn’t taught in schools). Taylin was kind enough to give me a new brand strategy to try out. Safe to say, it’s worked and the way I think about writing has shifted because of it. I fully endorse any product Taylin puts out, and I’ve seen the effort he puts into making it an effective learning experience.

It’s the same system I’ve used to grow Fortune 500 CEOs, coaches, freelancers and 9-to-5ers, and get them 1000’s of loyal followers.

And you’re not just learning from me. We’ve got guest masterclasses from Lara Acosta, Dan Koe, Dakota Robertson, Kieran Drew, Jon Brosio & more.

(Rated 5⭐ by 87 students)

Will you Join the Creator Economy?

The current system is failing.

Old institutions can’t keep up.

Traditional jobs are being traded for digital entrepreneurship.

The old system is gatekeeping success behind Ivy League degrees and titles.

The new system understands one simple principle:

You don’t need a 4 year degree and 5 years of work experience to build your resume. 

A Digital Identity is the new resume.

If you already have a skill, service or product… Even better. This is how you scale it and make more money.

More social media awareness = More demand = Higher prices.

Daniel Reynolds


Taylin is a content genius. He helped take me from ~$1000 (in a good month) to over $4k monthly. He seriously knows everything about personal branding, building an audience of fans, different types of content for different outcomes, going viral, you name it. This guy knows A LOT about content and personal branding.

As you gain more followers and build authority on the timeline, you can charge more for your skills.

In the New World, your
Opinion (really) matters.

YouTubers, Twitter and Linkedin accounts are providing more actionable and up-to date information than universities. 

Young people are investing in businesses instead of degrees and coming out the other side with 6 figures in the bank instead of 6 figures in debt.

Corporate dogs are leaving the rat-race to gain independence by productizing their skills as creators and consultants.

Entrepreneurs are increasing their revenue, lowering ad spend, and even finding investors by sharing their story online.

What do they all have in common? A Digital Identity.
The point is, your skills are the currency. And by growing your OWN brand you increase demand by 5, 10… even 100 X.

Technically, I’m a teacher who spent 6 months learning how to write. Then found the right system to build a 100K audience.

Dakota Robertson was a Dominos Pizza delivery guy who became the King of Ghostwriting.

Lara Acosta was a college student and now she’s the Queen of LinkedIn.

Abdu Khol, Graeme Scott, and Darion Rae from version one of Digital Identity (6 months ago) left their 9-5s, learned the basics of online marketing and now make $10-15 K a month.

Abdu Khol profile picture

Abdu Khol


I’ve hit $19k/mo and 80K followers after 7 months of working with Taylin. Everything I know about persuasive writing and storytelling I learned from Taylin. Learning to write well will change your life. Taylin is one the best people to learn it from.

None of us are big shots, we got here by learning how to build a targeted audience and use it to achieve our goals. And that’s what Digital Identity will do for you.

(Rated 5⭐ by 87 students)

Alex Renner


Last month, I wasn’t even posting content. Now I’ve got a job as the Creative Director at a ghostwriting agency. I used to get like 200 impressions on my posts. My post last Friday got 4,000 impression. And my weekly total is closing in on 11,000. And I added around 600 followers this month after not posting in ages. I’ve tried so many courses and communities but you’re shits working! I’m literally just doing the stuff you’re saying and using the frameworks you sent me.

This Cohort is for You... if:

✅ You want a personal brand. But want to shortcut the process with help from the experts.

✅ You don’t want to waste time aimlessly writing, and instead write content that attracts leads, network, and speaking opportunities from the get-go.

✅ You don’t want another course. You want a system that guarantees results.

✅ You see viral posts online that have that “it” factor, but struggle to come up with these ideas yourself (because you don’t have a system).

✅ You have great ideas to share, but you don’t know how to package them in a way that captures attention.

✅ You want to build a targeted audience (that will actually buy from you).

✅ You want to promote yourself in an authentic, non-cringey way.

✅ You don’t know how to write for social media (it’s not the same as university papers, trust me).

✅ You’re overwhelmed with all the information out there and just need a clear strategy that works for you.

✅ You’ve seen creators like me shoot ahead. You want to know how we do it.

Darion Rae profile picture

Darion Rae


I’m Darion. Since starting with Taylin and Digital Identity I’ve: Lost all uncertainty, fit just shy of $10K per month, grown to 5,000 followers on Linkedìn, partnered with other big creators as clients, and built out an engagement agency for big creators. The most valuable aspect of working with him was not only his knowledge, but the actionable advice to practically apply it. He doesn’t just give you information… he helps you build a real business.

You’ll be coached through the entire process via:

Everything you'll get as a Digital Identity Student in More Detail:

Live Guest Masterclasses from Top X and LinkedIn Creators ($28,000 Value):

Ask questions, learn, interact with the best in the business.

Dan Koe (1,000,000+ followers)
Creator economy pioneer

The Future of Work

Dakota Robertson (500,000+ followers)
Ghostwriting and marketing specialist

Becoming a Full Stack Creator

Kieran Drew (225,000+ followers)
writing, newsletter, and storytelling master

High Impact Writing

Jodie Cook (32,000+ followers)
CoachVox Founder, Forbes 30 under 30

AI Secrets for Creators

Teddy Mitrosilis (70,000+ followers)
Alto Studios Co-founder

Timeless Content Tactics & Scaling an Agency

Lara Acosta profile picture
Lara Acosta (130,000+ followers) The queen of linkedin (Personal brand specialist)

LinkedIn Content Writing & Personal Brand Strategies

Rebecca Nelson
Rebecca Nelson (Copywriter for 500,000+ follower account)

How to Stand Out and get 40 Million Views in 6 Months

Nick verge (worked with the wolf of wall street)

Copywriting Pro Tips

Jimmy Mackey (75,000+ followers)
Fitness and longevity expert

Monetizing Fitness & How to Compete in Saturated Markets

Dan Golfield
Dan Goldfield (20,000+ followers
studied as a monk & married a hot psychologist

Monetizing Spirituality

Marcos Ruiz
Marcos Ruiz (22,000+ followers)
Business & ghostwriting master

Scaling a Ghostwriting Agency to $100,000 per month

Jon Brosio profile picture
Jon Brosio (140,000+ followers)
The creator-prenuer expert

Starting Your Own Creator Business

Parker Worth (50,000+ followers) Direct response newsletter and storytelling expert

Newsletter and Storytelling Masterclass

Leon Castillo (12,000+ followers)
Founder of SelfMastered

Elite Productivity Systems

(Rated 5⭐ by 87 students)

6 University-Level Group Masterclasses:

Ideas with impact tile
Masterclass 01

Ideas with Impact

You’ll never run out of ideas to write about. But not just any ideas – the ideas that will help you quickly build an audience that actually cares about you.

Short form secrets tile
Masterclass 02

Short Form Secrets

Turn your ideas into simple yet profound short form content with a high probability of going viral.

The art of attention tile
Masterclass 03

The Art of Attention

The hook writing secrets you need to capture (and hold) attention, and eventually convert that attention into follows, newsletter sign ups and purchases.

Long form thought leadership tile
Masterclass 04
Long Form Thought Leadership

You’ll be able to write high-impact long form content that keeps your reader engaged by providing immense emotional and logical value. I’m talking threads, carousels, and more.

Audience avatars tile

Masterclass 05

Audience Avatars

Identify profitable markets with high demand, define your audience avatar, find your niche and leverage content “funnels” to capture new followers and convert them into super fans who will buy from you.

Your digital identity tile
Masterclass 06

Your Digital Identity

Develop your own unique “school of thought” to build a personal brand that not only stands out among the crowd but indoctrinates your followers into your way of thinking. This is the first time I’m offering my new and improved personal branding system.

Charles Miller profile picture

Charles Miller


After building a Twitter/LinkedIn following of 250k followers, I know when someone understands social media. Taylin definitely does. He’s a talented writer, is easy to work with, and has mastered the secret sauce behind building and monetizing followings. 100% endorsed.

(Rated 5⭐ by 87 students)

Weekly Group Writing Sessions

Meet with the cohort one time per week for 6 weeks.

Consider this your accountability group, you’ll work with me and each other to integrate the Digital Identity frameworks, strategies and systems.

David Schwertfeger

David Schwertfeger


I’d taken a few writing courses before Digital Identity. But I was stuck at 500 followers. My posts barely got any engagement—it was super frustrating. And all the advice online? More confusing then helpful. I was quite skeptical if another course would change that. But guess what? Joining Digital Identity turned out to be the most impactful investment I’ve made in myself. My posts started popping off. I hit 2,000+ followers within 3 months. And I even won a pair of AirPods Max in the House Cup. Those wins were aweseome, for sure. But the absolute highlight? Taylin noticed my progress and sponsored me into his exclusive $10,000 mastermind. Talk about surreal! That moment was a huge deal for me—a massive chance to grow even more this year. Sure, I put in the work. But none of this would have happened without Taylin. The guy’s a wizard. Seriously. His knowledge, systems, and personalized guidance helped me nail my offer and positioning. Taylin always brought his A-game and didn’t hold back sharing the latest tips from his mentors, like Dan Koe. In short? He was making sure we crushed it. Digital Identity didn’t just open doors for me. It knocked down walls. So, if you’re looking to boost your personal brand and unlock new opportunities, why not take a leap with Digital Identity? Trust me. It’s worth it.

A seat in the Creator
Economy's "Hogwarts"

Digital Identity will be spread across four ‘houses’.

Just the same way as characters in Harry Potter are ‘sorted’ when they join Hogwarts.

(I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, obviously.)

The difference with Digital Identity’s houses, is we’ve named them in honor of the Creator Economy’s pioneers.

When you enroll, you’ll be sorted into either:

Raven Koe


Dan Koe has a Digital Identity unlike anybody else. His deep work on mindset, thinking and social economics has been massively influential. We’ve named this house in his honor.


Dakota was my personal Digital Identity mentor. His origin story from troubled beginnings to becoming the King of Ghostwriting is legendary. Dakota’s writing, thinking and business sense is unrivaled — trust me. We’ve named a house after him, too.


Justin Welsh is Mr. Solopreneur. His philosophy of trading your everyday job to become a self-sufficient one-person business isn’t just an idea, it’s a movement. Slyther-Welsh is named for him.


Kieran Drew is one of the most honest and authentic people writing in the Creator Economy today. His Digital Identity is one of true integrity. People know and love Kieran for Kieran. He’s another true pioneer and we’re proud to name this house for him.

Gryffin Drew

We’ll be placing you into a house for two reasons:

First, we want you to form strong bonds with your fellow students — just like at university. This happens best in smaller groups. You’ll attend the same lectures and masterclasses, and have access to all the same material. But you’ll break into your Houses to discuss and apply what you’re learning.

Second, we will be pitting your house against the other three. Those who take what they learn and achieve the best results, will win special prizes and get a higher level of access than the rest.

Digital Identity Bonuses
(Valued at $5,000)

You don’t need more knowledge.

You need the accountability to implement.

There are thousands of courses, books and creators teaching you how to grow.

The problem is you won’t grow unless you take action. The gap between someone with 10,000 followers and you probably isn’t knowledge, it’s effective action.

That’s why we built the community.

That’s why you have a team (in the houses).

That’s why we give you the implementation systems (Digital Identity Bonuses).

Bonus #1

Personal Branding Systems:

❖ Creating Clarity (V2)

❖ Digital DNA (V2)

❖ The Niche Navigator (V2)

❖ Polarizing Positioning (V2)

❖ Profile Optimization Guide 

Bonus #2

Audience Building Systems:

❖ Nuclear Network (V2)

❖ Your First 10,000 Followers

❖ Inorganic Growth Strategies

❖ LinkedIn Growth guide

❖ X Growth Guide

Bonus #3

Content Creation Systems:

❖ The Ultimate ContentCreation Hub (V3)

❖ Creative Ideation

❖ Thread-Ception (V2)

❖ Infinite Story Ideation (V2)

❖ Writing Checklist (V2)

❖ The Theory of Constraints System

❖ My Elite Swipe File (Updated 2024)

Bonus #4

Mental Monetization Systems:

❖ School of Thought DM Scripts

❖ Inbound Lead Generation Frameworks (V2)

❖ Offer DNA System

(Rated 5⭐ by 87 students)

So how much does it cost?

You can access Digital Identity for only $2,499 (at least while enrollment is still open).

Digital Identity

Unique tier
$ $2,499 One-Time Fee & Split Pay Available
  • 6 University Level Masterclasses
  • 6 Weekly Writing Sessions
  • 14 Guest Masterclasses
  • 20+ Bonus Resources & Systems
  • Access to Digital Identity Telegram Group

Now Is The Time To Create Your Digital Identity

This is it.

Digital Identity is open until midnight this coming Friday.

I’ve shared everything you need to know about the program here on this page.

I’ll leave you with two quotes.

This is from a recent study by Razorfish and Vice Media Group:

20% of buying decisions are based on the product, but 80% of the buying decision is based on who you are.

And this is from one of my personal heroes, Mark Manson:

‘Right now, demand continues to grow as eyeballs move away from traditional media towards social platforms…

Now is probably the best time in your lifetime to go for it.

It’s only going to get harder.

So if there’s any time to try, it’s now’.

(Rated 5⭐ by 87 students)

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