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He makes billions while watching Netflix hungover

Why hard work will never make you rich

Who get’s more work done?

Kimmy Schmitt. An ambitious hustler who works 10 hours a day,

Or Jeff Bezos, while he’s hungover watching Netflix on his Yacht?

George Mac shared this thought experiment on the Modern Wisdom podcast.

And it nearly made my head explode.


Cause it shows how bad culture and the school system f*cked us up.

Your school teachers and high school Volleyball coaches told you to work hard.

That by working hard you will become successful. Period.

Well, I worked extremely hard for 7 years as a college teacher.

What did it get me?

$32,000 a year after taxes.

And ramen noodles for dinner 5x a week.


Cause hard work alone doesn’t lead to success.

Instead, you need to think and work like a hungover Jeff Bezos…

Kimmy Schmitt works for 10 hours a day.

1 day of work = 10 hours of output.

Which seems like a lot until you compare her to Jeff Bezos.

Jeff has 1.8 million employees at Amazon.

Each working 8 hours a day.

1 day of work = 14,400,000 hours of work!

This is why you need to take Naval Ravikant’s famous advice.

“What you work on is more important than how hard you work.”

– Naval Ravikant

Put simply, you need to choose a high leverage career path.

↳ Digital marketing, entrepreneurship, or coding.

Lucky for you, you don’t need millions of dollars to start doing this.

Here’s how I used this technique to make $500,000 in 2023 as a digital writer:

Media – I create social media posts that work for me while I sleep.

2 hours of writing turns into 30,000+ impressions per day.

Capital – I pay big creators to share my posts.

$50 turns into 100,000+ impressions per day.

Cooperation – I hired a cofounder, VA, and research assistant.

1 hour of work turns into 4.

While average people are working 8 hours a day to get ahead.

I’m outworking them without doing the work myself.



I failed to make big money working hard as a college teacher.

Because I was the only one working.

So I swapped out teaching for a higher leverage vehicle – digital writing.

This increased my income from $32,000 to $500,000 per year (15x).

Even if you’re a beginner, you can do this too…

This week, look for ways to use leverage to grow your income.

Ask yourself:

❖ Where can I hire others to double my work hours?

❖ What can I work on that will get me more results for less hours worked?

❖ How can I get good at content creation to increase the amount of people I influence?

The average person never asks these questions.

But this week, you will.

And that’s why in 2024, you will make more money than all of them.

Btw, this is the first newsletter in my “making money with your mind” series.

Something I teach in my community – The School of Thought.

Each week I meet with the other members to create content.

In just 2 weeks, it’s helped my friend David get his first 1,500 followers and go viral 2x per week (organically).

I’ll be doing an early access launch in early 2024.

Keep up with my weekly newsletters so you don’t miss it.

Until next time,

Taylin John Simmonds

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It’s what I use to create a week of content in 4 hours. Without ever running out of ideas to write about.

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