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For Those Serious About Making Elite Connections, Creating Transformative Wealth, And Building True Influence in Tomorrow’s Creator Economy

What is the Hidden House?

The Hidden House is for those who want to maximize their School of Thought experience.

I join 7 members each week for an exclusive hour-long mastermind.

I share closely guarded secrets of the Creator Economy’s most influential people.

Some of those will be people you’re already familiar with.

Others, though, will be from those I call “Stealth Wealth Creators”.

You’d be surprised how many seemingly small, quiet accounts conceal hugely wealthy and influential people and businesses.

I’m talking about people who fly in private jets, attend secretive mastermind events, and control huge business and media interests from the shadows.

I can’t reveal much more than that here.

I’ll just say, The Hidden House is for you if you want a higher level of access, to a higher level of people and ideas.

This is what you’ll get as a Hidden House member:

❖ A private 60-minute session with me and 6 other influential creators every week

❖ Access to resources and documents I usually only reserve for my business partners

❖ Weekly strategy sessions and accountability to maximize the chance you achieve your goals

❖ LIFETIME access to all future cohorts and products I create

This Hidden House will be limited to a small group only – 7 members per year.

This is more a private club than dorm.

If you want to make the absolute most of your School of Thought experience, you can upgrade your enrollment to Hidden House level on this page.

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