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how I create a week of content in 60 minutes (steal this strategy)

Weekly Deliberate Deconstruction Issue

Breaking down top performing frameworks, strategies, and growth hacks from myself and other top creators.

As you scale your systems will break.

When I was only writing tweets, my current writing system worked great.

I could create a weeks worth of tweets in about an hour.

But now, each week, I’m writing:

❖ 12 tweets
❖ 1 thread
❖ 2 newsletters
❖ 5 LinkedIn carousels
❖ 5 IG Threads posts
❖ 2 School of Thought articles
❖ And building Digital Identity V2 (coming late March)

What used to take me an hour now takes me days.

That is, until I started using this new writing system inspired by Dan Koe.

If you’re struggling to batch a weeks worth of content in less than a day, here’s a system that can help:

  1. Write 1 long newsletter (1,000 – 2,000 words)
  2. Extract newsletter snippets into a week of tweets
  3. Condense the newsletter into a punchy X thread and LinkedIn carousel
  4. Rewrite tweets as listicles for IG Threads
  5. Extract each newsletter section into a LinkedIn carousel

A weeks worth of omni channel content done in less than a day.

The newsletter might take me a few hours to write but the rest of the content basically writes itself.

Especially if I write the newsletter with repurposing in mind.

I ignored this tip for months because repurposing felt lazy and uninspired to me.

But boy, was I wrong.

Repurposing creates a cohesive brand message, cuts your content creation time down, and allows you to align with content market fit with more ease.

Think about it, your audience doesn’t want new content each day. They want to hear the hits.

Put the hits on repeat and I promise you’ll gain followers with more consistency.

Click here for the full video breakdown

Btw, you get an inside look into how I’m using Dan Koe’s Kortex in the video link 😉

This Week In The Modern Monetizers Community

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Brandon Frederick added a crazy ChatGPT tutorial where it repurposes all your top tweets for you (50 viral ideas in seconds)

❖ David tested a newsletter funnel hack that allowed him to understand his audiences burning pain with just one lead magnet (I’m stealing this strategy)

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Now I’m gonna go shower,

-Taylin John Simmonds

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