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How I gained 900 followers in a day (without writing)

Last week, I gained nearly 900 followers… In a day!


I hosted an X space with Jack Moses and Francis Oleh about the difference between A tier and C tier creators.

At first, only 30ish people showed up.

That is…

… Until Dan Koe joined.

The space exploded!

Nearly 2,000 people joined with a huge line up of people waiting to speak.

That’s the power of spaces.

Everyone is sleeping on them but A tier creators understand their immense marketing power.

But what is this power?

A tier creators occupy far more mental real estate than C tier creators.

They don’t just post tweets and threads.

They post 30 minute YouTube videos, offer 3 hour long video courses, and write long newsletters.

Common C tier advice is to keep your content short and snappy.

But this is BS.

Your content only needs to be short and snappy if it sucks.

People listen to 3 hour long Joe Rogan podcasts all the time.

Now, you’re not Joe Rogan. And neither am I.

But that shouldn’t stop you from harnessing this power.

A key distinction here…

As a new or small creator, people likely won’t check out your Youtube videos.

That’s the hard truth.

But they will connect with you in an hour long space.

As long as you’re approaching relevant topics and kicking up hype on the timeline.

The A tier creator equation:

True fans = time under attention + connection

Occupy hours of attention while providing insane amounts of value.

That’s how you join the A tier ranks.

It’s as simple as that.

As a small creator, spaces are the key to this winning formula.


They capture tons of attention while ALSO capitalizing on the power of short term discoverability.

All it took was Dan popping into my space to expose me to thousands of potential new fans.

That’s why I was able to gain more followers in a day than most people do in 3 months.

You can do this is a small account as well.

Dan Koe probably won’t pop into your space.

But tons of other up and coming creators will.

The bigger you get (and the bigger your network gets), the higher your chances of attracting other creators and their audiences.

This is the ultimate growth hack!

While everyone is writing tweets, you host spaces.

Not just any spaces though.

Spaces with insane production quality. Littered with tons of value.

How do you do this?

You spend one hour learning from the master of spaces – Greg Lunt.

Skip the line from C tier to A tier creator in a matter of months. And all you need to exchange for this fast pass ticket is one hour of your attention.

A few months back, Greg hosted a guest masterclass for my cohort Digital Identity.

Out of 30 guest masterclasses, it quickly became one of the highest reviews.

It was so fricken good, it stood out along side other incredible guest masterclasses from Alex Finn (NFT God), Kieran Drew, and Dakota Robertson.

Ever since Greg’s masterclass, creators such as David have been growing from weekly spaces.

All because they know the secrets other C tier creators don’t.

They were able to do this as beginners with less than a few hundred followers.

This is the last day to sign up for Greg’s spaces seminar.

It’s the same top reviewed seminar he gave to my cohort.

So don’t wait, click the link HERE to check it out.

P.S. I’m excited to be in a position to support other amazing creators like Greg.

Everyone says they support you until you ask them to spread the word about a new project you’re working on.

The second you do that, crickets.

Being a lone wolf won’t get you very far.

Support other creators. Not just with a like or comment. But by sharing their offers too.

Collaboration is more powerful than competition.

Until next time,

-Taylin John Simmonds

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