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How to get 5000 to 10,000 newsletter subs by Christmas

What s up you peanut butter loving fiend

I launched my newsletter 2 weeks ago.

And it already has 1,897 subs.

Averaging 200 new subs per week.

Here’s how I’ll hit 5,000 subs by Christmas:

For your convenience, this 8 step guide is split into 2 parts:

Part 1 – Setting up a unique newsletter
(For those who haven’t launched yet)

Part 2 – How to grow your newsletter as fast as possible

Get your peanut butter jars ready.

We’re in for a wild ride.

Part 1 – Indoctrinate Them into Your Cult

1 – The Pre-Launch Phase (Don’t Wait)

The past year, I’ve focused on my ghostwriting agency.

I didn’t feel I could create meaningful content consistently for my newsletter.
↳ Due to lack of time, energy, and avoiding split focus.

But Dakota Robertson gave me a crucial piece of advice:

“Setup a landing page. Start collecting subs now. You can start posting later.”

Thank god I listened.

Before I officially launched, I already had 1,272 subs.
(Not a bad head start)

⏃ Open up the doors while you prepare the feast ⏃

2 – Nail Your Offer

Weekly newsletters are a dime a dozen.

So why would your audience spend their time reading yours?

This comes down to your offers:

✧ Specific transformation
✧ Unique mechanism

A shameless example from this newsletter:

Specific transformation
↳ Helping writers build personal brands with 6 figure earning potential

Unique mechanism: 
↳ Video newsletter so you can save 10 minutes of time per issue.

Remember, if you speak to everyone you speak to no one.

⏃ Find your lane. Stay within the lines. ⏃

3 – Create a Landing Page with Leverage

This is your chance to make a good first impression.

Use Carrd to create a custom landing page.

☑︎ Picture of you to create a human connection

☑︎ Add “hints” of personality when possible

☑︎ Testimonials from clients you’ve served

Reference other top creators for inspiration.

4 – Write an Indoctrination Sequence

Time to get a little “culty.”

Create a 5 part email sequence.

✧ Drip 1 email per day
✧ Start with a welcome email
✧ Aim to increase your subscribers emotional investment

I used Beehive’s “automation” section to do this.

A few tips to help you write yours:

✧ Share a personal story in each issue
✧ Keep all stories relevant to your audience
✧ End each issue with actionable advice they can follow

Credit to @laraacosta for this framework.

It’s called “SLAP”

⏃ Story ⇢ Lesson ⇢ Advice ⇢ PS ⏃

(No Lara Acosta, it’s not called the SLAY framework. Get over yourself).

⏃ Quick Pre-Launch Checklist ⏃

☑︎ Subscribe button works
☑︎ Automation sequence works
☑︎ All links in issues work correctly

My cohort launching on Sept 29th… Well…

Ya, I accidentally gave the whole thing away for free by using the wrong link.


Learn from my mistakes.

Part 2 – From Cult to Culture

5 – Optimize Each Issue

This will increase your chance of getting “word of mouth” marketing.

Turning each subscriber into 2 or 3.

Ω Provide Immense Value in Every Issue Ω

⇢ Put in 10x more effort than your competitors

⇢ Make sure each issue is relevant to your ICP

⇢ Pair known problems with unknown solutions

⏃ Value is downstream from relevance ⏃

Ω Use the “Pen Pal” technique Ω

I’m likely dating myself here but back in elementary school I would write letters to other students.

They always ended in a PS.

Do the same in your newsletter to show you’re human

⇢ End each issue with a PS.

⇢ Share links to bonuses, freebies, and fun goodies

⇢ Use this as a chance to showcase your personality (I always talk about peanut butter)

Ω Just Ask, Man Ω

In Fight Club, Edward Norton’s dweeby character is homeless.

After a night of drinks with Tyler Durden, he’s beating around the bush about where to stay.

Tyler says “just ask.”

Do the same at the end of your emails.
↳ Ask for a referral.

Embed a referral button to make it easy.

If you want to go the extra mile, give away a relevant freebie for every 5 referrals.

⏃ Cults are built by the members – not the leader ⏃

6 – Awareness Through Authority

Time to market your newsletter to the masses.

Here’s the strategy I’m using to drive 200 subs per week:

⇢ Add your newsletter to your profile or bio

⇢ Plug at the bottom of relevant authority driven threads (10 minutes after posting)

⇢ Repurpose threads as LinkedIn carousels ending with custom cards to drive sign ups

*Pro tip – Don’t do a generic plug. Make it fun, exciting, or personable.

↳ If you loved Barney as a kid, then you’ll love my video newsletter.

(Yes, I was a part of the Barney fan club, come at me).

⏃ Emotion leads to motion ⏃

7 – Share Your Excitement

Last week, I did a Twitter space with @danwestworld and @cognitivity_

I was so excited about the free guide I wrote for last Saturday’s Digital Drip.
↳ How to make your first 6 figures in 6 to 12 months as a writer

I couldn’t help but talk about it at the end of the space.

Afterwards, I had 40 people sign up.

⏃ Excitement is infectious ⏃

8 – The Value of “Free”

Lastly, create a free email course.

But make sure to pack it with so much value.
↳ Make it better than all the NPC’s paid content.

Seriously, don’t just throw this together.

✧ Rewrite each issue 3 to 5 times to get it perfect
✧ Have friends highlight each section that gives them hits of dopamine
✧ Cut or rewrite any sections that go to long without dopamine hits

As Hormozi says, the difference between amazing and average is 10x the effort.

Make a great product once.
🎁 Give it away 1000s of times 🎁

⏃ Evergreen leads to forever seen ⏃

See you in the next issue,


P.S. On September 29th, I’m launching my cohort to help writers build their online personal brand with 6 figure earning potential – Digital Identity.

Reply “Digital Identity” to this email to be added to the exclusive waitlist.

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