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if you want to get rich, read this

$0 > $10 000 > $1 000 000

A quick summary:

1) The Real Reason to Make $10,000 Per Month

2) To Reach Enlightenment, Become Rich

3) How to Make $10,000 in 30 days

4) What Will Make You Rich is a Digital Identity

Whether you’re a new writer trying to make your first dollar online.

Or an aspirating entrepreneur striving for $10,000 per month.

My advice to you is the same.

You have an ethical obligation to yourself to become rich…

People who aren’t rich will tell you:

❖ It won’t make you happy

❖ It isn’t possible for you

❖ And that you’re wasting your time trying.

But the truth is, you can get rich.


People who are rich, pair the right beliefs, with high-value skills and take consistent action over long time horizons.

The naysayers:

1) Don’t know how to get rich

2) Secretly don’t want you to get rich

You see, if you get rich, the actions they never took and the choices they failed to make will become real.

That pain is so great, they’d rather keep both of you in the dark to avoid it.

You don’t want to be on the same level as them.

And I’m here to tell you, to stop listening.

Never give your ears to someone who’s manifesting a life you don’t want.

You need a reframe…

Are you going to stress about paying your bills or stress about writing for your $4,000 per month ghostwriting client?

Are you going to struggle to afford Christmas gifts each year or struggle to make your first $100,000?

Are you going to suffer from a lack of money or struggle to attain more money?

Suffering because you lack money is meaningless.

Suffering because you desire to make more money, reach your potential, and leave an impact on the world is meaningful.

If you’re suffering from a lack of money (like I was for most of my 20s), that’s okay.

Accept your circumstances; improve your finances.

What do I mean by this?

You didn’t choose your circumstances:

❖ The city you were born in

❖ The family you were born too

❖ The local opportunities available to you

But you are obligated to take responsibility, rise above your circumstances and create a better life for yourself.

That’s the reality worth wanting.

Luckily, the internet is a power leveller.

It might be the closest thing we ever get to equal opportunity.

With it, you have access to all the information, customers, and opportunities in the entire world.

(Everything you need to get rich).

Meaning, in terms of wealth creation, it no longer matters where you start.

It just matters that you start.

What are you waiting for?

The Real Reason to Make $10,000 Per Month

The most common question in my inbox:

“How do I make $10,000 per month writing online?”

I deeply resonance with this desire because I had the same one back in 2022.

The school system failed me.

I was broke. Crippling in debt.

My paycheques went straight to paying off my college tuition.

With few other choices, I found a mentor, turned to Twitter, grew an audience, and made my first $10,000 ghostwriting.

It was the first $10,000 that changed everything…

You see, before I made $10,000 per month, I felt like a loser.

Knowing I wasn’t capable of wealth creation, I couldn’t respect myself.

No amount of self love, meditation, or affirmations could fulfill the burning desire I had to make more money.

People might say this is a toxic money mindset.

But I disagree…

Most people gravitate towards 1 of 2 extremes when it comes to beliefs around money, success, and status.

1) Cares too much what other people think.

They pursue desires they never chose, to impress people they don’t like.

2) Cares too little what other people think.

They swear off success based desires all together, become contrarian, and sh*t on anyone who pursues wealth, power, and influence.

I’m here to say, there’s a 3rd type of person…

3) A person who is neither but both.

They care about what the right people think.

People say to define success for yourself. And ignore society’s standards altogether.

In some ways, this is true.

Don’t spend your life chasing someone else’s dream.

But does this mean you should ignore society’s standards completely?

No because you are a part of society. You live within society. You interact with society.

The truth is, society judges your importance based on what you’re able to achieve.

Is it harsh?


Is it true?


But should you pursue success just to impress society?


Be honest with yourself…

… How do you expect people to respect and admire you if you’re lazy, broke, and can’t achieve any meaningful level of success?

People say this doesn’t matter, but it does.

More importantly, how do you respect yourself, if this is true?

Self respect alone is reason enough to become rich.

Don’t do it to prove to others that you can. Do it to prove to yourself that you can.

Wealth creation is the obvious path to reaching your potential, improving your life, and fulfilling your purpose.

Accumulate wealth and some level of self respect will follow.

Harsh truth: It’s extremely difficult to achieve a top 1% life without money.

Don’t get rich to buy watches, cars, or flaunt your accomplishments.

Get rich to rise about your survival needs, make a bigger impact on the world, and radically transform the quality of your life.

To Reach Enlightenment, Become Rich

I’m transforming The School of Thought into a $3M per year education business.


The traditional education system failed me. So…

Selflessly, I’m creating an education business that won’t fail you.

Selfishly, I want to get as close as possible to achieving enlightenment…

“There are a ton of monks but not many enlightened people.”

Naval Ravikant

Buddha was a rich prince before he became enlightened.

And it’s not a coincidence.

I define enlightenment as the psychological freedom you experience when you’re no longer driven by unchosen desires.

For many people, being poor is driving those unchosen desires.

It’s nearly impossible not to desire money or what money can buy because of the way society is structured.

Meaning, without becoming rich, enlightenment is extremely difficult to achieve.

When you lack money, you desire money.

⇢ “I wouldn’t be unhappy if I had more money.”

⇢ “I wouldn’t be stressed if I had more money”

⇢ “I wouldn’t be stuck in one location, eating unhealthy, if I had more money.”

Without money, the only way to achieve enlightenment is to become a monk.

To rise above your desires completely, and live a life of asceticism.

In other words, you don’t suffer from a lack of money if you don’t desire money.

But you can’t fool yourself.

You do desire money.

You can’t reach your potential without it.

Become a modern monk, not a monk.

Become so rich you abolish your desire for money, rise above your unnecessary suffering, and free your mind from the cold, dark prison of financial constraints.

“Let’s get you rich, then let’s get you happy.”

Naval Ravikant

How to Make $10,000 in 30 days

Let’s make you $10,000.

You’ve likely seen the teenage gurus flaunting their $10K per month earnings on Twitter.

Maybe you see this, and think to yourself:

“How the hell are they doing it? Are they scammers? It isn’t fair that these young kids make so much money and I’m struggling to afford steak.”

Regardless of your feelings, stop judging their character, instead start understanding their strategies.

3 Strategies to Make $10,000 Per Month (As a Beginner):

1) Cold DMs

If you want to make $10K in 30 days, send 1,000 cold DMs.

All you need is a decent script, compelling offer, and a guarantee to reduce risk.

Even so, I don’t recommend this strategy.

Cold DMs don’t build brand, attract inbound leads, and have no compound gains.

They’re an energy sink but if you need money fast, cold DMs is a path to $10,000 per month.

2) Referrals

When I started ghostwriting, Dakota Robertson referred his excess lead flow to me.

This got me to $70,000 per month without sending a single cold DM, proving network is the ultimate wealth creation shortcut.

Getting rich through network doesn’t require capital, it requires competence.

If you lack competence, no one will refer business to you.

If you become competent, everyone will fight to refer business to you.

Competence + network = unlimited opportunities.

A handful of friends who trust you is all it takes to make $10,000 per month.

Unfortunately, you don’t usually make these friends until you’ve surpassed $10,000 per month.

Which is one of the reasons people join my community.

I refer my excess lead flow them.

3) Meta Ads

If you have money to spend, a killer offer, and the marketing know-how, ads will make you $10,000 per month.

But in my opinion, ads are not a starting function, they’re a scaling function.

Reliance on ads is risky long term.

Not to mention, the knowledge barrier is high.

It’s better to build an audience, make your first $10,000, and then use ads to scale to $100,000 per month.

We’re going to talk about this next…

What Will Make You Rich is a Digital Identity

A personal brand is the most sustainable way to get rich – a Digital Identity.


1) Their is a low barrier to entry (for now)

2) With the right guidance anyone can do it

3) It aligns with your deep curiosities and obsessions

4) It’s attracts job offers, clients, leads, business partnerships (compounding wealth vehicle)

5) There’s a lower cost of customer acquisition; higher margins (you own the distribution channel)

6) It’s fun as hell

Employers are now hiring based on social media resumes.

So even if you don’t start a business in 2024, you can’t afford to not build a Digital Identity that radiates authority, mastery, and uniqueness.

How to Build a Top 1% Digital Identity

1) To Master Your Profession, Embrace Obsession

The future of wealth will be split between the obsessed and the distracted.

Without going all in, you can no longer compete with those who do.

That makes obsession the precursor to riches.

Identify what you’re deeply obsessed with.

By leveraging obsession, work will feel like play to you and work to others.

Are you obsessed with crypto, marketing, sales, copywriting, or graphic design?

It doesn’t matter which you choose.

It only matters that you’re more obsessed than your competitors.

Obsession is the new niche.

2) Attract Wealth With High Value Skills

The skills that make you rich:

❖ Sales
❖ Marketing
❖ Leadership
❖ Persuasion
❖ Offer creation

Pick one.

Study the popular books.

Put what you learn into practice.

And repeat until you achieve competence.

If you’re lost, the articles in my community will help.

3) Your Knowledge is Content

Distill everything you learn into persuasive content.

You don’t need to be an expert to do this.

❖ Compile your top tips into listicles

❖ Distil the books you’ve read into summaries

❖ Take boring lessons and rewrite them as exciting viral platitudes

Write to the past version of yourself.

Other people will take notice.

4) Find Content Market Fit

Content market fit = what you enjoy making + what your audience wants.

Without it, you’ll waste years posting into the void.

Ask ChatGPT for :

❖ 10 burning problems

❖ 10 dream outcomes

Make these targeted to your past self.

Systemize your knowledge into a unique approach that bridges the gap between them.

To make big money, solve big problems.

5) Sell Your Solutions As Systems

If your audience is struggling to write viral content, sell the solution.

❖ Systemize it

❖ Craft a persuasive landing page

❖ Give your system a unique name

❖ Add a few bonuses

❖ Plug it under your social content (or in your newsletter)

No need to send cold DMs to attract customers, you’ve already attracted them with your Digital Identity.

Execute this strategy over a long enough time horizon and voila, you’ll have $10,000 per month.

And be on the fast lane to becoming rich.

And there you have it.

The reasons, strategies, and systems you need to get rich.

Making your first $10,000 might take 6 to 12 months.

But isn’t that better than struggling for the next 5 to 10 years without any hope of making more money?

I think so.

If you’re looking to make your first $10,000 faster, see if your quality for The School of Thought beta.

We’re only accepting 100 members.

We’re at 78 and the doors are closing soon.

Before the door closes, click the link.

Until next time,

Taylin John Simmonds

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