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I’m leaking Parker Worth’s sexy secret (I never told you this)

Sorry Parker they deserve to know

Gary Vaynerchuk says to own your weaknesses before they can be used against you.

So I’ll be the first to admit mine.

I’m pretty bad at writing newsletters.

Compared to other creators my size, my list is small and my open rates are mid – around 36%.

Hell, creators smaller than me have bigger and better newsletters.
↳ Shout out Eve Arnold.

But that isn’t going to stop me from reaching out to Parker Worth for some guidance.

In my eyes, he’s a genius.

He recently won an email marketing contest.

Earning him an insane mentorship with a direct response marketing legend – who makes millions with email each year.

It only took him shredding two of my newsletters for the core problem to become clear.

Ever since, people have told me my newsletter quality has more than doubled.

I give 100% of this credit to Parker.

So what big tip did he give me that made the difference?

Parker Worth’s Sexy Newsletter Writing Secret

I recently listened to Dr. K’s podcast appearance on The Iced Coffee Hour.

He a psychiatrist who studied for 7 years as a monk in India.

How does this relate to writing emails?

Well, he knows his shit when it comes to psychology and persuasion.

During his mind blowing guest appearance, he shifted my perspective with a killer persuasion secret.

To paraphrase:

“Most people try to help people by giving them advice. But people only change their minds after arriving at their own conclusions. To help them get there, ask questions to guide their thinking in the right direction.”

This parallels Parker’s persuasive newsletter writing tip perfectly.

So what is this giga-pro tip I’m talking about?

Parker says to break up your sentences with questions.

But not just any questions.

Questions that help your reader arrive at the same conclusions as you.

Still not sure what I mean by all this?

Watch this quick video where I breakdown Parker’s newsletter for you.

Until next time,

Taylin John Simmonds

P.S. I know Parker reads these emails. Sorry for giving you a heart attack with the subject line 😉

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