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Let’s make you $100,000 (this year).

Our institutions are failing do this instead

A quick summary:

1) College vs. Digital Identity

2) The Economics of a Digital Identity

3) 4 Paths to $100,000 a Year (in 12 months)

Let’s make you $100,000 (this year).

Without you going into crippling debt or wasting 4-10 years going to college.

Growing up, I was told there was only 3 ways to make 6 figures:

❖ Work on the oil rigs in the blistering cold for 16 hours a day

❖ Get a decent trade that pays well (labor work)

❖ Go to college for 10 years to get a PHD

Ya… I’ll pass.

I hate the cold.
I hate labor work.

And going $100,000+ in debt to get a PHD that will likely be obsolete in the next decade sounds stupid.

So what other choice did I have?

The secret 4th path that only a select few know about.

The one that people will say is too risky, won’t work, and isn’t possible for you.

But that’s only because they are ignorant of the evolving career landscape and this path’s true power.

Your quickest path to $100,000 a year isn’t going to college.

It’s building a Digital Identity…

College vs. Digital Identity

Our institutions are dying.

The traditional career promise isn’t true anymore.

And it’s easy to see why:

⇢ Take on $100,000+ of debt

⇢ Struggle for 10 years as a PHD student

⇢ Get an entry level position for $50,000 a year to gain experience

⇢ Struggle to pay your bills because of crazy debt payments and the inflated cost of living

⇢ Work for 10 years to become debt free

⇢ Finally make $100,000 after 20 years of suffering, struggle, and unnecessary sacrifice

What kind of promise is that?!

Now compare that to building a Digital Identity:

⇢ Obsess over learning marketing, sales, value creation, and other high value skills for 6 to 18 months

⇢ Make $100,000+ without going into debt

⇢ Become the best version of yourself in the process

⇢ Open doors to new lucrative careers you didn’t even know existed

⇢ Continue to grow your Digital Identity far beyond $100,00 per year

The college path is 20 years of unnecessary suffering.

The digital identity path is 1 year of meaningful suffering.

Ask yourself this question?

Is 12 months of meaningful work worth it for a life of financial independence and infinite earning capabilities?

If the answer is no, stop reading.

If the answer is yes, then let’s get you started.

The Economics of a Digital Identity

Yesterday, I was on a call with Jerry.

A marketing expert with 20+ years of experience.

He mentioned his friend is considering sending his son to college to get a degree – $280,000 all in.

But this put a pit in Jerry’s stomach.

He couldn’t help but wonder how different life would be if his friend’s son invested $280,000 into learning marketing instead of school.

X University courses
✓ Online mentorship

X Textbooks
✓ Marketing dollars

X Studying for exams
✓ Studying to achieve mastery

Now, guess what Jerry’s earning estimate was after the 4 year commitment to mastering marketing*?*

$100,000… no.

$250,000… no.

After 4 years of marketing, his friend’s son would launch an offer and make half a million dollars.

Based on my experience, I believe this to be true as well.

It took me 12 months to make my first $500,000.

And after 18 months, I launched Digital Identity V1 and made $143,000 in 4 days.

With case studies like this, college can’t keep up.

If this is true, why don’t more people do this instead of going to college?

1) They don’t know they can

They lack certainty this path will actually work

Lucky for you, you’re reading this.

So you know you can.

But $100,000 a year might still seem out of reach to you today.

Once you see the economics, you’ll realize it’s closer than you think.

4 Paths to $100,000 a Year (in 12 months)

Path 1) Service Based Offers

Offer monthly ghostwriting service to a few high ticket clients.

1 client = $3,500 per month
60% margin = $2,100 net profit
4 clients = $8,400 per month

$100,800 per year

If you don’t think you can do this in 12 months, you’re doubting your potential.

Path 2) Community Offer

Offer a paid community membership for a modest annual price.

1 member = $500
95% margin = $475
18 new monthly members = $8,550

$102,600 per year

It took me 2 years to build my combined audience on X and LinkedIn to 100,000 followers.

My community signups are averaging 2 new paid members per week at $500 – $4,000 a month.

(Without a landing page, while still in beta).

And I didn’t even know this was possible when I started writing online 2 years ago.

I learned this all from scratch.

Path 3) Digital Product Offer

Offer a digital product to a large number of people.

1 sale = $99
95% margin = $94
90 customers per month = $8,400

$100,800 per year

Even if it took you 2 years to reach these numbers, isn’t that better than struggling for 10?

(And avoiding crippling debt).

Path 4) Offer Stacking

Why limit yourself to one of the above paths?

Combine them all into a crazy offer stack that makes $100,000 almost guaranteed.

❖ Get a few high ticket clients
❖ Funnel your audience into a community
❖ Offer your community members digital products at a discount

$100,000 seems impossible.

Until you combine this economic understanding with a little obsession and consistent action.

A Digital Identity isn’t the only path.

But it is the fastest one.


The traditional career path is now the risky path.

Waiting 10-20 years to make $100,000 at a job that will become obsolete from AI and tech advancements doesn’t make sense anymore.

But attract an audience with your Digital Identity instead.

You gain the power to print cash on demand.

The best time to build a Digital Identity was 10 years ago.
The next best time is now.

… You’re only 6 to 12 months away from making life changing money if you start today.

Don’t let societal programming prevent you from reaching your potential, gaining freedom, and aligning with your life’s purpose.

When the old model fails, a new model takes its place.

Which is why I used my college teaching experience to create Modern Monetizers Community.

An alternative to the failed education system that actually works in today’s fast changing career landscape.

Smash this link to see if you qualify for the beta.

-Taylin John Simmonds

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