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"He understands writing, psychology, and content on a deep level which helps others monetize their skills on a level few people can match."
Dakota Robertson
“He’s a talented writer who has mastered the secret sauce behind building and monetizing audiences. 100% endorsed.”
Charles Miller
“Taylin nails both authority and personal content perfectly. It’s a hard skill to master, and Taylin’s got it without a doubt.”
Lara Acosta
Lara acosta

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Learn my content frameworks for attracting followers and high-paying opportunities.

Receive Micro Writer 101 directly in your inbox

Get it for free when you subscribe to my newsletter – The Simmonds Signal.

“Taylin's one of the wisest creators I know. The personal branding and writing lessons I learned from him and his agency really made things "click" for me. If you get the chance to work with him, don't hesitate.”
Matt Mic
Matt Mic
"I've hit $19k/mo and 80K followers after 7 months of working with Taylin. Everything I know about persuasive writing and storytelling I learned from Taylin. Learning to write well will change your life. Taylin is one the best people to learn it from."
Abdu Khol profile picture
Abdu Khol
"Taylin is a content genius. He helped take me from ~$1000 (in a good month) to over $4k monthly. He seriously knows everything about personal branding, building an audience of fans, different types of content for different outcomes, going viral, you name it."
Daniel Reynolds