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Weekly Deliberate Deconstruction Issue

Breaking down top performing frameworks, strategies, and growth hacks from myself and other top creators.

I love this quote from Alex Hormozi.

To paraphrase:

“Every year you don’t know how to make $1,000,000 you lose out on $1,000,000.”

In other words, the opportunity costs of a lack of mastery are worse than you realize.

Unfortunately, most beginner writers and creators never think about this.

They never feel the deep desire to get good at their craft as fast as possible.

Because of this, they suffer from a lack of money and social media growth every single day.

I hope you see why this is relevant to you…

… Each day you don’t obsess over your craft, is another day you miss out on audience growth, money, and fulfillment.

So how do you get good at creating content fast?

And avoid the painful opportunity costs down stream from your lack of action?

I’ve noticed top creators like Kieran Drew, Lara Acosta, and Dan Koe all use the same content strategy.

It’s a big reason why they’re far ahead of beginner writers and creators.

What is this secret tip?


Sound like an obvious, boring tip?

Well, it’s not.

It’s actually your key to joining the top 1% creators faster than most people.

Why does relatability work?

People can’t help but feel a deep emotional resonance when they read relatable content.

With relatable content your reader either sees themselves in you or sees who they wish to become.

This is one of the core principles from the mega best selling book – How to Make Friends and Influence People.

How do you add more relatability into your content?


You mix relatable problems with relatable examples.

Does this post from the never needy Lara Acosta, speak to you?

↳ Making $10,000 per month as a beginner is a desire A LOT of people feel.

How about this post from my man crush, Kieran Drew?

↳ Everyone wants to become friends with high value, fascinating people (status)

(Also, congrats on hitting 200,000 followers on X, my man!)

Lastly, what about this relatable post from Dan Koe?

↳ Most people relate to experiencing a nagging inner voice that steals their energy

Are you starting to see what I’m saying?

Beginners write about topics – writing.

Experts write about relatable experiences – problems and desires writers identify with.

Weekly Challenge For You:

Ask ChatGPT what problems your target audience experiences.

But don’t stop there…

… Ask it to give you the answers in your audiences’ words.

Use those words when you’re writing your content.

Relatability resonates.

Until next time,

Taylin John Simmonds

P.S. My work like balance over the past 2 years has been non-existent.

I’ve worked 8-12 hours a day; taking minimal time to rest and relax.

This year, that’s changing.

Last week, I took a day off to explore the beautiful wine region of Cape Town with my girl friend and business partner.

Time away from work gave my mind time to process and reflect.

The result?

Both of this week’s newsletters.

The best ideas are found at rest, not while at work.

Never feel guilty for taking a day off.

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