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the secrets behind my most viral thread ever – 1,000,000 impressions

deliberate deconstruction series

Last November, I took the weekend off to attend EDC Orlando – a dance music festival.

I expected my highlights of the weekend to be the amazing music, seeing my girl friend in sexy outfits, and meeting up with some good friends from Twitter.

But instead, I woke up Saturday morning to something even better…

While I was dancing, one of my threads went ‘mega viral.’

Becoming my top performing post ever.

❖ 1,300,000 impressions
❖ And roughly 2,000 new followers

It did so well, Kieran Drew shared a video breakdown of it on his monthly webinar.

Since reflecting on it, I realized a few key reasons as to why it went so viral.

And guess what?

Once you know what they are, you can use them to go viral too.

The Strategy Behind My Most Viral Tweet Ever

To avoid wasting your time with some long persuasive copywriting, here’s the nitty gritty:

❖ The first sentence calls our a deep pain point while evoking curiosity

❖ The second sentence uses comparison and mentions a relatable problem that I’ve personally struggled to overcome

❖ The last sentence offers a novel solution while twisting the knife with some emotional trigger words

The framework I used:

One pattern I’ve noticed in all miserable people:
[Relatable problem]
[Novel solution]

Another example:

One pattern I’ve noticed in all miserable people:

They read everyday but never practice.

The daily routine I use to avoid using reading to procrastinate:

That could be better, but you get the idea.

For a full video breakdown of this strategy in greater detail click HERE.

This Week In The Modern Monetizers Community

Brandon Frederick added some insane AI video tutorials on how to use Perplexity to condense 4 hours of market research into 10 minutes

David Schwertfeger wrote a viral tweet that outperformed my average tweets. He did this with only 1,900 followers without paid retweets.

❖ I helped Arya nail his cold DM script for getting ghostwriting clients. Fingers crossed this one converts like mad.

Darion Rae landed a new client off of a referral I gave him. Adding another $1,000 of profit to his monthly income. He’s landing clients with only 4,000 LinkedIn followers. Proud of you man.

❖ Atlas brought the heat during his guest masterclass. He might be the smartest man I’ve ever met on X. His actionable tips on political persuasion and how they relate to build a brand were unmatched. Few people rival his intellect and persuasive power.

If you’re interested in joining the beta, apply now.

Until next time,

– Taylin John Simmonds

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