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Why is no one doing this?

The Why Behind Your Writing

Back in November of 2023, my X account stopped growing.

For the first time ever, I was losing followers faster than I could gain them.

Extremely problematic.

Considering my brand and business revolve around helping people grow on social media.

But unlike everyone else, I didn’t just go to LinkedIn and throw in the towel.

(Although, I do repurpose my content there).

I hired Dan Koe as a mentor.

In just 60 minutes he solved my problem.

And I’m back to growing again.

In the past 30 days, I gained roughly 1,000 followers without paying for retweets.

Today, I’m gonna give you the strategy he taught me.

Only this time, it won’t take you 60 minutes or $10,000 in mentorship fees to learn it.

Dan Koe Serenaded Me With This Growth Advice

To grow fast your content must be relevant to a large number of people.

Sound obvious?

Well it is.

But for some reason I never listened.

By creating content with mass marketing appeal your potential net of followers to attract becomes much higher.

You then funnel traffic down into more niche versions of content that eventually land at your offer.

❖ Social media content – ‘why’ your audience listen to your advice

❖ Newsletters – ‘how’ you audience can execute on your advice

❖ Offers – systems to make the ‘how’ as simple as possible

This isn’t revolutionary but it does work.

For all of 2023, I posted actionable writing tips on X.

It only applied to writers which is why my growth suffered.

But by sharing ‘why’ my audience should write, the content now appeals to everyone.

Before – 59 likes, 5 retweets:

After – 174 likes, 15 retweets

This doesn’t mean don’t write actionable content.

It means save it for your newsletter.

On Thursday, I’ll expand on this strategy in great detail with a breakdown of how Sahil Bloom got to 1M followers in a few short years.

For now, you can find a detailed video breakdown of this strategy HERE.

This Week In The Modern Monetizers Community

❖ We reached our first 60 members! I’m so proud of hitting this goal while we’re still in beta.

Marko Schmitt had his most viral tweet ever. I’ve been working 1-on-1 with Marko. This big win is so well deserved. You can find the post HERE.

Gigi Skarlett overdelivered! She dropped insane amounts of value during her guest masterclass. I knew she was a great community and brand builder but her IRL events strategy has me thinking about the creator game differently.

❖ My ghostwriting agencies hook writing secrets were added to the knowledge library.

Milad launched a new offer and landed $4,500 cash collected on the first day (with only 300 followers)! $18,000 contract value over 4 months. He’s been working on this behind the scenes for 3 months now. Huge props to you my man.

If you’re interested in joining the beta, apply now.

Until next time,

Taylin John Simmonds

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Taylin Simmonds
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Retired educator turned creator and consultant, I took my ghostwriting agency to $500K/year. Now I guide other creators toward achieving similar results.

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