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Alternate education for creators (that school can’t teach you)

Join 5,000+ creators getting weekly, in-depth, actionable advice on how to become a Microcreator and leverage your influence to build a $1,000+ per month microbusiness.

Sign up now and get instant access to Microcreator 101, my 5-step free email course that’s your intro to digital writing, marketing yourself online, and building a profitable online side-hustle.

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Free goodies to get ahead

Craft impactful, attention-grabbing, and influential content effectively.

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Ultimate Content Creation System

A one-stop shop with everything you need to create insane amounts of content for X, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

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Writing Cheat Sheets (V2)

An easy-to-follow guide to crafting attention-grabbing hooks, writing viral tweets, and newsletters that make people stop scrolling and start reading.


Become a Microcreator

Microwriter -> Microbrand -> Microbusiness

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Our online community; Your intro to digital writing, marketing yourself online, and building a profitable Microbusiness.

We over-index on practice and execution, ensuring that you not only consume information but also put it into action.

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Digital Identity V2

An in-depth, intensive, communal learning experience with all the resources and guidance you need to thrive and profit in the digital economy.

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Hidden House

Hidden House elite mastermind grants you access to creator economy leaders, exclusive personal branding resources and monetization strategies.

The blog

A hub of actionable wisdom

Proven insights to monetize your ideas and build a high-leverage business.

Save yourself (how to find your life’s purpose)
this nearly moved me to tears (not the good kind)
Fallback featured image
How did I let it get this bad (my biggest public failure)
more doesn't always mean better
Attention is NOT the new currency. This is more valuable:
2 years ago, I was the definition of a down bad, average joe.


Who is Taylin Simmonds?

A firm believer in the power of sharing life-changing ideas.

Taylin Simmonds

Hi, I’m Taylin

I’m a retired college teacher turned consultant who was barely scraping by until Dakota Robertson became my mentor.

With his guidance, I was able to take my ghostwriting agency to $500K/year.

After years spent growing mine and my clients’ personal brands, I now create alternate education teaching others to grow their brands and build profitable online businesses.

If you’re looking to thrive as a creator, I can help you through my online community, Microcreators, and my cohort, Digital Identity.